Kratom and moisture: What to do when Kratom become moisture

Kratom is a wonderful as well as an incredible herb. It has very effective results on our body and mind. But if we are using Kratom then we should keep it away from the moisture. Moisture may directly affect the effectiveness, power, strength, color, and odor as well as taste of Kratom. Therefore, you should always be very vigilant about storing Kratom.

Storing Kratom at home:

Just remember, you should always store your Kratom in a dry place. Even a single drop of water should not go near your Kratom powder. You can say that water is the opponent of Kratom. It can destroy your Kratom. In fact, Kratom can completely spoil the effectiveness and power of your Kratom. It is recommended that try to avoid storing your Kratom in the kitchen. This is because in the kitchen there is steam or by mistake, water can reach your Kratom powder.

Another main point to store Kratom at your home is to keep in inside an airtight jar. Oxygen, as well as air, should not reach your powder. The reason is that air may decompose Kratom which may affect its effectiveness.

Make sure that your Kratom powder should be stored away from the light especially sunlight. This is because the rays of the sun make the Kratom less effective and strong. It is also recommended to store Kratom away from heat. Heat may directly affect the quality of Kratom. Kratom should be placed in a cool place. You can store in your fridge but it is not important. You can keep it stored at the room temperature. Even if you are storing it in a fridge then take it 30 minutes before using it. Before using it let your Kratom powder comes back at room temperature.

If Kratom gets moisture:

This fact about Kratom should not be ignored that moisture is the greatest foe of it. Even after taking care of your Kratom, it gets moisture then it is highly recommended to you that throw the whole powder of Kratom. Do not use the damp powder. This is because wet powder of Kratom may lead you to sickness. Another way you can use if your powder or Kratom leaves get wet is to put your Kratom inside the oven. In this way, your Kratom will get dried. Another way is to wait for your Kratom to dry naturally. Drying in the oven is considered as the best method to dry your Kratom powder quickly and make it free from moisture.


If you have started using Kratom then you should be very much vigilant about storing your Kratom. Storing Kratom is not a difficult task. But your little effort will keep you away from harmful effects.