Does Photo Paper Work Laser Printers

Laser printers are thought to be efficient, but that’s debatable Compared to inkjet printers, laser printers are enormous economic and fast. Laser printers have also built a reputation of maintaining a streak if prolonged printing work without clogging and hence has become an asset for anyone who does massive printing jobs nonstop. The images produced by the laser printer are strikingly fine and sharp, and this even applies to text.

How laser Printers Print Photos

The laser printer produces printouts by firing a laser beam on a photoreceptor which is in the form of a mechanical drum. The laser beam excites specific spots on the cylinder. The excited spots correspond to the image or character whose printout needs to be produced. When the toner is passed over the exciting spots, it sticks on the image’s or character’s “blueprint” with the aid of electrostatic charges. After that, the paper is heated t stick the toner. The biggest difference between laser printers and inkjet printers, therefore, is the effective technology behind them.

The photo paper work tradeoff

The industry seems to have an undesirable tradeoff with the introduction of the laser printer in 1969. For instance, although laser printers have brought high capabilities in printing, they’ve also brought forth some undesirable cost elements.

Take the cost of printers for example; courtesy of laser printers, the equipment has become advanced and capable of serving as scanners, fax machines, and copies but the overall cost of acquiring and maintaining them on a regular basis is significantly higher.

Does it make a better alternative to inkjet printers?

Your choice between these types of printer depends on your needs and priorities. If your priorities are speed, economy, and precision, then you are better to go with the laser printer. Laser printers would be a great choice if you dread ink blots forming on your printouts of great importance is the fact that while laser printers are costly to acquire, the running cost is remarkably lower because toner is cheap and lasts longer. It perhaps explains why most printing-intensive offices love laser printers – they save a lot of money in the long run.

If money is an issue and you would rather stick to a strict budget than acquire a fast home or office printer in the market, then you need to limit your options within the inkjet family of printers. Inkjet printers are cheap to acquire, but their running costs can be outrageous owing to their expensive ink cartridges. The ink blots often left on printouts are also not attractive to anyone.

Final Verdict

The cost gap between laser and inkjet printers is expected to narrow drastically with technology advancement. It should be remembered that Laser printers were too costly when they were first introduced, and most homes and offices couldn’t afford. More innovative designs might spring up as well as time goes.