Botanical Pros Kratom Review

Botanical Pros is an online shopping store for kratom. This company has newly entered the kratom industry and surprised people with its stunning services. The overall look of the website is simply eye-catching and user-friendly which allows customers to access everything easily.

Apart from the website, the vendor gives the opportunity to customers to select any product from their massive range of products. These so many options intensify the user’s attention and cravings for kratom.

Forms of Kratom at Botanical Pros

Botanical Pros master in offering different forms of kratom like Kratom powder, capsules, and extracts. This phase of kratom is very attractive for customers to use kratom in multiple forms.

These forms can be set according to the user taste like, if someone doesn’t absorb the taste and pungent aroma of kratom powder, he or she can go for the kratom capsules which are free from any bad smell and strong taste.

Users are also given so many varieties in kratom strains. The strains which are offered at Botanical are Premium Indo, Green Vein, Red Vein, Premium Maeng Da, White Vein, and OPMS.

The vendor offers different quantities within these kratom varieties. A person can select for any quantity according to their requirements. Such as a new person will buy the smallest quantity of kratom strain whereas, kratom users may want any variety in bulks. The quantity in capsules is starting from one capsule to 500 capsules.

In kratom powder, the minimum quantity for a kratom powder is 250 grams, the average amount is 500 grams, and the maximum quantity for kratom powder is 1 kg and it is also available in ounces as 1, 2, 3, and 8 ounces.

Now last but not the least Kratom extracts from which customers have the following options in quantity to choose as 8, 12, 15 ml, and 1 ounce.

Lab Testing Status

Unfortunately, there is no proof or report mention on their website regarding any lab test. They have not shared any detail about their manufacturing and other processes. These factors may point some fingers on Botanical Pros and customers may refrain from buying from Botanical Pros. moreover, it also hazards a person about the policies and guidelines initiated by the FDA which should be fulfilled at any cost to be in the kratom industry for long.

Quality of Products

Keeping aside the lab testing, the customer reviews exhibits the products are high in quality. There is also a customer recommendation link on their website which will redirect you to the reviews briefly describing it. The company is also prioritized which can be detected through the dedication of the vendor and support of customers. The one thing which leaves everyone in confusion is the minimum user reviews which are mentioned on the first page and also no report of lab testing. There is no main motive or aim of the vendor which could be indicated from any review or the company. However, a customer can purchase from them in a small quantity and then can feel their quality or They can buy from Kratom near me.